Who We Are

South Dakota Tree Farm Committee:
The South Dakota Tree Farm Committee is a subsidiary of the South Dakota Family Forest Foundation, a 501c3 organization, and managed by an advisory committee. To find out more about the Tree Farm program, or to request an initial inspection, contact the South Dakota Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry and a qualified Tree Farm inspector will contact you and arrange a visit to your property.
The South Dakota Family Forests Association (SDFFA) is a private-landowner, non-profit, organization, which is the administrator of the South Dakota Tree Farm Program (SDTFP).  The SDTFP was formally organized in 1954.  By the mid-1990’s, there was a push to introduce a tree-farm certification element into this program.  Thus, it became a requirement to have a Forest Management Plan and for certified tree farmers to follow criteria that demonstrated sustainability of their forested lands.  Today, the SDFFA’s top priority is to continue to develop and to grow a viable and vibrant organization to address the specific needs of South Dakota tree farmers.  The Association is made up of a board of directors, driven by private landowners and actively supported by forestry and forestry-related professionals from private, state and federal organizations.  The SDFFA exists to support private landowners in managing their forest landscapes, through professional planning and management activities.  Landowner advocacy, on state and county issues, is a high priority.  Additionally, the Association acts as a landowner conduit to share information on forestry practices and to communicate the availability of cost-share funding for forestry practices.  The SDFFA consists of four sub-committees, Stewardship, Membership/Education, Communication/Advocacy and Fund Raising, which support the foundational work required.  At the National level, the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) has a team of advocates in Washington, DC to make sure the issues of private forest owners are represented.

South Dakota Family Forests Association Advisory Committee:

Paul Schipke – Chairman – Director
Patricia Turbiville – Secretary
Dennie Mann & Mary Ann – Executive Director – Treasurer
Bill Coburn – Director
Greg Josten – State Forester
Parks Brigman – State Agency Forester
Cory Tomovick – Tree Farmer
Doug Miller – Tree Farmer
Bob Burns – Tree Farmer
Kory Bossert – NRCS
Ben Wudtke – BHFRA


Subcommittee Members:

Communication and Public Relations
Cory Tomovick -Chairperson, Frank Cross, Tracy Sigdestad
Patricia Turbiville, Ben Wudtke, Brian Wiedmeier
Financial & Fundraising
Dennie Mann -Chairperson, Bill Coburn, Doug

Miller, Bob Burns
Parks Brigman – Chairperson, Bill Coburn,

Bob Burns
Membership & Education
Doug Miller – Chairperson, Paul Schipke

Lynn Kolund, Tracy Sigdestad, Parks Brigman
Contact Information:
Executive Director – Dennie Mann

P) 605-939-8156
Email: SDtreefarm@gmail.com