“The South Dakota Tree Farm program benefits our family by giving us the tools to help manage our family forest. It has directly put us in line to learn about cost share programs, the NRCS EQIP grant, and training opportunities at the local and national levels. The legacy of this property matters to us. A professional forester/inspector helped us create a management plan that emphasizes stewardship and long-term forest health. This plan will guide our actions into the future. Thank you South Dakota Tree Farm!”


“Participation in the tree farm program is a positive means to an end….a sustainable, forestry end. The family forests association offers effective access to local networking, exceptional learning opportunities and quality, professional advice. The combination of these has allowed us to successfully achieve our management goals of a healthy forest, improved wildlife habitat and woodlands diversity.”

Growth of Planted Seedlings North of House

“Paul and Julie’s land today, almost 15 years after the wildfire, thanks to their dedication to restoring the land and help from friends, family and the community, bears no resemblance to a wildfire-stricken property.”

Mission statement: “To provide members the tools, voice, and networks to practice stewardship of natural resources for sustainable forests”.

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The June 2016 Newsletter is now available:

June 2016 Newsletter